”Our dedication to exceptional personal service, and our affinity for luxury, style and motorsports fuels us to deliver the ultimate race-inspired week.”

If you want a masterpiece… think of us as the artists.  Tailored to your preferences, let us blend the beauty and excitement of motorsports with the art of personalized service, assuring your getaway will result in a truly unforgettable experience.

At GPGC we are passionate about what we do.  From our management team to our personal concierges, from our dedicated chauffeurs to our award winning chefs, we showcase our passion for motorsports and elite personal service by handling all the details of your vacation or event experience.  We are not just an event management company, we are so much more!  When we speak of personalized service it is not just a pairing of words that we randomly selected, it is the driving force of everything we do.

From the moment we know your likes and wishes, our team of concierges will set about creating your masterpiece.  Do not expect cookie-cutter vacation packages… each vacationing experience is made to order.